Heller is a creative studio based in Stuttgart and Shanghai, which designs, develops, and implements architecture, media, and information within context. The working field ranges from exhibitions, showrooms, trade fairs, retail and new office enviroments.

With a team of creative concept developers, architects, strategists, designers, and programmers the Heller Designstudio promotes the fusion of individual spaces and interactive media experiences, because an intelligent space concept comes first before planning and construction. Our design solutions connect intuitive functionality with timeless aesthetics for the user, visitor, and guest.

Digital transformation is changing the rules faster than we can build- what is the impact for architecture ?


As conceptual consultants, we design and situate architecture, interiors, and digital information in an overall context, and prefer to start our work at the zero point. We design an appropriate strategy and solution to meet the needs of your brand.


As architects we plan private properties, corporate headquarters, and trade fairs.


We design trade fair stands, exhibition rooms/exhibit spaces/showrooms, and food industry operations.


Whether it is trademark branding, interface design, or a new piece of furniture: Our goal is to find a solution for you that stands out from the rest.


This can be development of an app or website, a virtual product presentation, an interactive installation, or even an exclusively programmed game.


Two different backgrounds.

One passion:

Meaningful design solutions in the interplay of space and media.

Christopher Heller

The graduate of the Merz Akademie Stuttgart (New Media Design) joined Heller Designstudio after graduating in 2011, and immensely expanded the agency spectrum in being “more the media type”. Ever since, at Heller spaces and digital media have been thought of and implemented as a unit. The two brothers have combined their differing backgrounds.

Marcel Heller

The architecture graduate (Universität Stuttgart) founded the Heller Designstudio in 2007, and developed it together with his brother Christopher into an interdisciplinary agency, the projects of which are becoming increasingly complex. Apart from architecture (interior and exterior), he is also skilled in digital applications, and is often in Shanghai.