For a project-related cooperation space an area should be created, which promotes the intensive exchange among the employees. The main task was to find an architectural solution to provide work environments for open groups aswell as highly concentrated scenarios. No facility management should be necessary to transform the space.

In this case the scrum method was used to define the room arrangements. It varies from big open space communication to small sized introverted working teams.

Claim, personalize and transform your work space.

We want to overcome the white high-end offices where employers are afraid to speak up. Great teams are the capital of each company and must be encourage claiming their space. Easy materials, playful colors and a zero hierarchy floorplan gives the team the power back.

Bring in all your personal stuff, pin down your footprint and enrich the companys personality.

The Firestarter can be faded seamlessly between an open space office to a cellular office. instantly gaining the best of both worlds when needed.

Easy to use flexible walls are shaping enclosed spaces for concentrated work but still maintain visual connection. Plug and play ready desks can be spontaously rearranged for different setups. Just take your own container with you and recreate your personal place.

The Firestarter was designed to create collisions between team members engaging informal encounters. Lounges, coffes areas, video- and small meeting rooms are always in close proximity.

A Collaboration software was customized to obtain a highly interactive, BYOD and transparent workflow.