simple content, exciting environment, fresh lightness

Exhibition at Bahnhofsturm

The exhibition in the Stuttgart Station Tower provides a comprehensive overview of the transport and urban planning project, Stuttgart21. Together with Macom GmBH we were responsible for the concept, exhibition design, implementation, content design and media planning. At the heart of our concept was the simplification of complex content, presented in an exciting, multimedia environment and the imparting of a fresh, modern lightness to the exhibition.


The purposes of the project should be intuitively conveyed in emotional form. This starts with the design language: The strict geometry of a 90-year-old tower will be dissolved by a soft, flowing language of forms in its interior. The consistent use of a basic white colour focuses attention on content, and the “empty space” of the formerly fortified tower window now allows the visitor an optimal all-round view of the station environment and the construction site.

The reorganization of the various topics into three thematic blocks covers all aspects of the project and, cleverly broken up across the individual levels of the tower, it conveys a clear view of “infrastructure” (traffic benefits), “station” (What will be built here?) and “urban development” (opportunities and visions).

Another special feature is the huge timeline clock in the lobby, a unique construction and a Heller custom build, consisting of countless lights which signify the project’s status. Users can see at a glance what stage the project is up to, which steps have been completed and which steps are next to be taken.

The exhibition across four levels provides infotainment for various needs and time frames – both for the traveller who wants to be quickly brought up to date, as well as for visitors interested in the project’s details and its future prospects.