Opportunities that few cities receive are opening up in the centre of Stuttgart between the Main Train Station and Rosenstein Park: After construction of the new station, a new city district can be developed and designed from urban, social, and environmental perspectives on the freed-up track areas. Citizens have been invited to participate in this.

The Heller Designstudio has developed and implemented an interactive city planning game using Unity, a so-called serious game.

The aim of the game is to convey the basic principles of urban planning, with all its dependencies, to children from 7 years old, and to adults. At the same time the new Rosenstein neighbourhood will be presented, and future residents’ preferences will be determined.




The player chooses to start from one of three archetypal urban plans. Does he want live in a compact, green, or water neighbourhood?

And then the urban planning begins. You can choose the weighting for the urban factors using the dynamic controls. For example if you want more housing, the other factors, such as work, green space, or public space, will automatically be somewhat reduced.

Our neighbourhood automatically adapts to the factors, regenerating itself each time.

If you are satisfied with your choice, it will now actually be introduced into your own neighbourhood. Due to the previously selected choice, you can now place your buildings, like in Sim City. You get to experience your neighbourhood, where you might be living later.

A camera takes you up close to the goings-on in your neighbourhood. Once you are satisfied with the distribution, the neighbourhood will be stored and sent to you.