Architecture follows function


Competence Centre Frankfurt

The new three-story Nestlé Competence Centre at the headquarters of Nestlé Germany AG consisted of a shop on the ground floor and meeting rooms on the 2nd. We had the upper floor and a floor in between to play with. Heller’s concept won against its competitors, and transformed the floor into a multifunctional, effectively used space.

The task: to build the Nestlé brand identity as well as to hold conferences, presentations and workshops. The Heller solution: modular media units and retractable screens, all of them digitally linked. This “flexible space” can very quickly be modified for various scenarios – even with several in parallel. And the aesthetics always remain consistent. One statement.

To lead all of the sub-firms of Nestlé on one floor, it was a priority to filter and re-structure the floor’s existing content. Heller programmed the Multiface software for digital processing. The touch screens can be written upon with hand and pen, and the content can be transferred between all media modules, processed, stored or transferred to another device.

Due to its multiple potential uses, the competence centre is fully booked throughout the year and also contributes to Nestlé’s brand identity. For the Heller Design Studio, this space is not only a model where architecture and media flow into each other, but also answers the question of how we can make effective, flexible and sustainable use of spaces. The architecture follows the changing software concept.