Morning Bakery, afternoon café, and evening restaurant.

“Grandpa Wilhelm” Lutz founded the Lutz confectionery in Ludwigsburg over 50 years ago, in 1964. His goal was to win over the people of Ludwigsburg for his home-baked bread with top quality baking skills and carefully selected raw ingredients from the region. His plan worked, and 8 stores later the bakery was ready for the next stage.

The Heller Designstudio developed a full-day culinary business for the next step, including the interior design, brand, decoration, concept, and website.

The particular challenge here was to harmoniously network and separate the individual zones of the various culinary ventures.

In the morning a full bakery offers breakfast, at noon it is a lunch location, in the afternoon it is a wellness café, and in the evening it is a fine-dining restaurant.

Appetising room dividers provide zones for the main areas. Antique bakery decorations, green plants, and modern Scandinavian elements awaken your senses, while still allowing for a view through the whole space. In the evening large wooden shutters are lowered in front of the bakery counter, for a cosy atmosphere during dinner


Authenticity and warmth were taken into consideration when selecting materials and furniture. We designed brass tables for the café, which are on a genuine oak floor.

In the Gaumentanz there is a shop with a selection of specific home and kitchen products, curated by Heller Designstudio.